• The four pillars of the Into The Wild experience: awareness, clarity, balance and self-belief

  • Re-connection with nature and your spirit
  • Mediation 
  • Re-programming of all internal monologue 
  • Rest and relaxation without the distraction of technology
  • Energy re-alignment
  • Exercise and real food


The Into The Wild experience allows men to get back to nature and put simply, just BE. Over the border of NSW at the wonderful Saltwater Creek, the pristine and untouched beach, Saltwater. Abound with wildlife and peace, its unmatched beauty and tranquillity allows men of all ages to reset their biological clocks. No reception means the addiction to screens is not possible here, we go back to nature and hunter/gathering.

During the day Hard Cuddles takes you fishing, surfing, swimming or hiking. With the perfect balance of downtime, relaxation and rest it makes for a once in a lifetime experience.

want to come on our RE-WILDING RETREAT?